Pine Disinfectant - 5L

A Pine fragranced disinfectant ideal for a wide range of indoor and outdoor surfaces. Pine Disinfectant can be used on food work surfaces, floors, tiles, toilets, sinks or drains.
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Household Gloves L - 1 pair

A lightweight latex rubber glove with a cotton flock lining. This natural rubber glove is highly flexible and dexterous. It is anatomically shaped and tapered at the wrist for a more comfortable and ergonomic fit. Handling ability is greatly enhanced by the slip resistant pattern on the palm and fingers, increasing the level of grip in both wet and dry conditions.

ULTRA AX Virucidal/Bactericidal Disinfectant - 750ml

Virucidal activity against all enveloped viruses (including Coronavirus, Influenza virus, HIV) (Passes EN 14476:2013+A1:2015/prA2:2016).

FryChem Rapid X 750ml - Premium Oven/ Grill Cleaner

Rapid X is a Professional Rapid Oven Cleaner. A ready to use thin liquid oven cleaner for use through spray applicators. The 750ml ready-to-use pack is supplied with a foaming trigger head for improved safety in use. A non-tainting formulation designed for use in the food industry. Rapid X contains a high concentration of degreasing agents and alkalis. For use on ovens and grills etc.

Thick Bleach - 5L

A concentrated bleach solution that kills a wide range of pathogenic bacteria, and with regular use prevents the build up of slime and fungi. A pale yellow, thickened liquid with a characteristic odour, Thick Bleach whitens soiled and stained fabrics. Suitable for use to clean and disinfect drains, floors, lavatories, waste pipes and other areas that need a powerful disinfectant. Ideal for general janitorial use in schools, hospitals, office blocks etc.